Just in case anyone was wondering, I decided to hibernate for the winter up with my family in Vermont, hence the lack of postingness. But just because I’m in the wilderness doesn’t mean there aren’t trends….lurking behind that tree, yes. 

As I suspected, photo-real hunting camouflage print has replaced army and other camos for the actual huntswomen and men.  This means one sees it quite a bit on the rural roads of Vermont, but also in town, on everyone from teenagers to the elderly.  While not a conscious fashion statement, it can make for one.  Let’s see what happens when local hipsters appropriate the style:

(local hipsters in their natural habitat, the Exxon station)

Ok, so how can we take this to 3.0?  I think these prints would look amazing with a little color shift and the right styling.  Let’s take a look at how these prints could be altered for the Farfetch/Svpply trendy crowd:

Takes the country-chic trend to a whole other level, if you ask me.  add a neon beanie and you’re ready for the wooded rave!

ps. these boots make my heart flutter! they’ve got this awesome chunky heel platform that i can only imagine serves to spice up the deerstalking activities…

SO VERY 2.0: Forget army fatigues. It’s all about getting fatigued while you’re staring down a moose with the rifle cocked. So, guys: how to not blend in by wearing clothing designed to fool nature’s smartiest-pantsed creatures in thinking you’re decomposing tree bits. LOL.

(Hint: check out the manlier rails at dalston Beyond Retro for some authentic canadian hunter’s swaggurrr, ey)

So… DiS Magazine posted this trendatorial like, last year… and now we have Solestruck doing THIS: sadly, they weren’t in on the joke and took the look quite literally:

oh, Solestruck. Anyway, the tumblr kids will love it…

Sidenote: I said to my friend Helena, “Solestruck is so” as an insult and she knew what I meant. is the perfect descriptor for anything dreamy, platformed, and BMI under 16…. also, age under 16…. how has Lookbook been around so long and managed to LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME?


So there seems to be feline vibes running through the Internet fashion world… eBay cat king shirt (which i spotted on trendies in peckham and shoreditch), IRL LDN brand always cat-worshipping, some cats tumblring down, and some witch cats casting spells (for tuna? Satanic tuna?)…

Even spotted at Sainsbury’s in Dalston!

The kitteh trend ties in with the Egyptian trend of late (read: gold on black, intense symbols, etc etc), thus it is a natural extension of egyptian aesthetics to ressurect their most exalted animal…purrrrr….

just sayin’… seems to be a growing tendency to go beyond knock-offs and literally make-yer-own, DIY label…. UNTIL they self-drawn versions are knocked off by the brands themselves (see LV sweatshirt)! woah. KNOCK-OFFS JUST CAME FULL CIRCLE! (I PUT THIS TO YOU: IS THIS A CONSUMER VICTORY?!???)

Philosophical musings aside, I like the combination of childishness and brand worship going on here— it’s a fun and extremely accessible trend. Sharpie not included in this post. 

So what happens when contemporary art meets underground fashion? this.

Graphic designer Shaun Bass collaborated with Barcelona-based W.I.A. (designed by Ana Jerez), and the Destroy Culture/ W.I.A. collection was born, showcased at Glint Shop Barcelona in April. The collection is now slotted to show in Italy.  It’s had the shit reblogged out of it on tumblr, and has potential for tremendous popularity and wearability. Alis Pelleschi did a fantastic post-gif-90’s-tackytown shoot with the looks, and the lookbook has a street style vibe.  I personally felt the collection had a virtual vibe that spoke to video games and virtual spaces, so I placed them in a real space (Blue Firth’s installation at Copenhagen Place) that feels and photographs like a futuristic virtual world.  I wanted to speak to Shaun about his collection, but he was a man of few words, and was aware of the light-speed turnover in fashion prints.

He says, on facebook chat:

The collection was inspired by images I saw on tumblr about a 9 months ago / its weird how fast things are moving on the internet now / because this already seems old

What I want to say is that despite the trendiness of tumblr, and that whole aesthetic looking ‘tired’ already to those of us in the KEWL INTERWEBS CLIQUE, is that this still has huge commercial viability and long-term aesthetic value: the prints are beautiful in a timeless way; the colors are gorgeous, and the prints are interesting regardless of being oh-so-#relevant.  

Regarding tumblr, that’s a whole cultural theory discussion in and of itself, in which I partake here, to be printed in the upcoming issue of Pigeons and Peacocks.

More photos from the shoot after the jump…

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Corrie Van R. modelling the Future2000 trend…

"Future2000": a trend developing, coined by Cornelia Van Rijswijk, that refers to a style of retro-futurism from the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  Remember when we were all like, Y2K ZOMG the sky is falling let’s dress for it??? Well, the sky might not have fallen, but the ozone thinned, thus giving us all sunstroke which lead us to vibing on this look only a decade later. COOL!  So anyway, I thought Shaun Bass's line (collab with W.I.A. and his brand, Destroy Culture) lent itself particularly well to this nu-rave retro-futuristic comeback.  Below is an image from Alis Pelleschi's take on the collection:

Shoot with W/I/A/Destroy Culture shot by Alis Pelleschi

My stylistic take to come soon!

First there was #seapunk. Many wondered if it was a joke, and the innovators of the trend claimed it started out as an internet LOL. however, the joke went too far and became associated with music and fashion as a faux-real-subculture (vomit)! In lieu of how disgusting and hipster it all was (NY Times even got in on the action, it was SO REAL), next or even somewhat simultaneously born was SLIMEPUNK! NVR MND and other facebook net-art-cool kids collectively posted a #slimed profile picture, from classic Nickalodeon green to easter egg yellow and even bloody slime, possibly marking the ‘death’ of slimepunk’s short-lived trend (Katy Perry wearing head-to-toe slime by Gurlean Jeans, anyone?).  From here, we can ‘punk’ just about anything, essentially poking fun at the reality and authenticity of subcultures themselves. Punk, goth, etc, all became consumed and spit out by fashion, pathetically empty signifier shells of their former rebellious cultural meaning. So why not have a laugh and feel cool again at their expense?!  The joke’s already stale, however: the exclusivity of the ___punk movement (mainly circulated in cliquish internet clans via facebook, tumblr and twitter) has made it especially wank-y and pretentious, leaving a slimey aftertaste. EWWW!!!!






(I photoshopped these from Topshop! I can’t find ones like this, if anyone does… holla!)

Basically I’m just really shocked no one has taken the initiative to make the classic jelly simply higher without other alterations. There are plenty of jelly heels and the like, but they aren’t clear and the platform isn’t very high, its always some sort of wedge that’s just not very NOW. bummer! V